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"The best gift you can give yourself
is the gift of possibility"


Newman Capital is a full-stack proprietary venture capital firm based in Asia inspired by the renowned racecar driver and entrepreneur. We seek founders, projects, and technology that drive disruptive change. Our goal is to invest, mentor, and empower cutting-edge businesses with tech-driven solutions.

Technology Investments
Art & Collectibles
Blockchain & Digital Assets

Technology Investments

We view technology as a tool which has the power to improve our daily lives as well as help the next generation shape their future. This is why we invest not only in the technology itself, but more importantly, in founders. Our technology investment portfolio consists of companies founded by some of the most visionary leaders of our time that have consistently introduced disruptive changes to the world.


Blockchain & Digital Assets

Our Web3 expertise and network grant Newman Capital a full spectrum of exposure in the blockchain and digital asset space across major ecosystems and sectors. We hold core infrastructures, decentralized finance, social and gaming as key pillars in our investment thesis.



Join us to shape the future.


Art & Collectibles

Invest in Disruptors

Seeking unconventional visionaries who transform the narrative and inspire radical change outside of conventions in a tradition, a school of thought, an industry, or the world

Trusted Network of Partners and Advisors

Connected across forward-thinking art institutions and collectors as well as top-tier fintech investors and innovators 

Art serves as both an investment and an affirmation of our firm's values. The mission of the Newman Capital Art Collection is to invest in one of the world's longest-standing industries while bringing our unique perspective, expertise, and network to provide new solutions and audiences to the art world.

Modern and Contemporary Focus

Acquiring the best examples of Established and Blue-Chip artists with a small allocation for Emerging artists. Among our current holdings are pieces from Yayoi Kusama and Banksy

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Expand beyond Traditional Limits

Empowering, growing with, and adding value to art world players by collaborating to develop future-proof solutions with our technology and Web3 expertise


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A lot of people have dreams and never do anything about them.

When you have ideas and dreams, you do something about it. - Paul Newman

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