Research Analyst (Freelance)

Hong Kong

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About the Role

Research Analyst at Newman Capital will play a key role in producing in-depth, analytical, insightful, and digestible content for the Newman brand by performing on-chain data analysis to study users' habits and behavior of wallets. Content will be a mixture of on-chain data findings, industry trends, infrastructure, and project analyses. This role will help raise the profile of Newman Capital as a leading alternative investment firm in Asia.

A successful candidate needs to be an excellent writer with experience and in-depth knowledge across the crypto and blockchain space, including Layer 0, 1, 2 protocols, DeFi, NFT, gaming, Web3 applications. At the same time, we expect this individual is already familiar with all the major on-chain analytic tools such as Dune Analytics and Messari.


  • At least two years of experience in the crypto and blockchain space with content producing experience

  • Experience in data science and related fields would be a plus

  • Excellent writing skills

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

  • Bachelor's degree in a related field from a top-tier university

  • Outstanding analytical skills, detail-oriented, proactive and self-motivated

  • Ability to work well under pressure, with tight time restrictions

  • Demonstrates a high level of integrity

About the Company

Newman Capital is a leading alternative investment firm based in Asia. We specialize in tech-focused private equity, blockchain startups, and art and collectible investment. We commit our people, knowledge, and ideas to those who can drive disruptive change, and we believe talent is an essential prerequisite for any future success. That's why Newman has been investing in employees constantly, giving them opportunities to grow professionally and personally. Our team consists of talents from well-known technology, marketing, and asset management companies. Join us to invest, mentor, and empower cutting-edge businesses with tech-driven solutions. Learn more about Newman Capital at